Maths / Accounts ( POA ) Tuition Sec 1 - 5 by Teacher Score A !!


available Sengkang Woodlands Marsiling Clementi

This is not a tuition agency website.  We are a group of retired teachers providing good tuition. Thru this humble DIY website we wish to reach out to parents and students, and improve students' grades in Maths ( E-Maths, A-Maths ), Science ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology ) and POA ( Principles of Accounting ).

Want Score A marks for MATHS / POA / SCIENCE ?  

Yes you Can score high marks for MATHS, POA, SCIENCE !!

And it is easy if you learn the techniques & tips.

Effective proven quality Maths POA Science tuition by Teacher tutor.

Learn correct maths formula basic techniques, free worksheets,

practice on algebra and maths problem solving. Clear Maths POA Science

explanations for fast understanding and automatic memory.


We help many students in Singapore Maths, POA Science at Sec 1, Sec 2, Sec 3, Sec 4, GCE O Level, GCSE, Poly, UOL and IB exams to score distinction marks.

Our philosophy at Maths-POA-Tuition Sengkang Woodlands Marsiling Clementi:

At Maths POA Tuition Sengkang Woodlannds Marsiling Clementi, we are very focused on QUALITY.

All tuition is conducted by University Graduate Teachers with experience in teaching, setting, marking Exam Papers and counseling motivating students. We do not use low-qualified assistants to teach or assist in tuition sessions. The damage done from learning bad techniques can be impossible to reverse. Our tuition groups are usually 3 to 4 students size conducive to effective learning.

At Maths POA Tuition Sengkang Woodland Marsiling Clementi, we provide quality tuition at an REASONABLE PRICE.

Our group tuition sessions are available to any student who wishes to score A for Maths and POA or Maths and Science.

Tuition Fees :    

Group Tuition  ( 3-4 students ) ..  S$ 200 / mth  (our place) (Maths / POA / Science )

Individual 1-to-1 tuition  ..  $300 / mth  (our place)   (Maths / POA / Science)

Individual 1-to-1 tuition  ..  $450 / mth  (student home) (Maths / POA / Science)

Please note Tuition Fees are "4 lessons completed in a month basis". 

Guaranteed No hidden costs -

NO Deposit fee
NO 6-months contract
NO Registration or Cancellation fees

NO big group size ( our group tuition is 2 - 3 students )
FREE special notes / actual exam papers used for practice

Parents please be aware that big size groups are not good value for your tuition -

1.  For group size more than 3 students, it is observed that weak students don't dare to ask questions for clarification because of peer pressure or being embarrassed for holding back the class

2. For group size more than 3 students, the tuition pace is catered to suit the majority of the class resulting in weak students falling behind, while good students aiming for Grade A feeling frustrated

3. Hence our Maths-Poa-Tuition in-house group tuition size is kept at 3 in a group

Sign up now and be on your way to Score Distinction ..

To guarantee yourself to Score A for Maths and Accounts and Science

book your Maths Accounts (POA) Science Tuition now:

Allanz   ..  8 2 0 3  8 2 0 8     Maths & POA tuition  

James    ..   8 2 0 8  5 8 2 8   Maths & Science tuition 

Maths and Accounts (POA) tuition is available at Sengkang and Woodland Marsiling.

Maths and Science tuition is available at Clementi and Woodland Marsiling.

Why parents and students sign up at maths-poa-tuition :

Parents and students trust Maths POA Tuition. 

Maths POA Tuition is reliable
Maths POA Tuition sessions are relaxing and enjoyable
Maths POA Tuition by qualified experienced Teacher tutors

Maths POA Tuition is open every day
Maths POA Tuition at convenient locations

Maths POA Tuition helped many students score Distinction Grade
Maths POA Tuition also helped many fail-grade students rebuild their morale and score excellent grades

Parents, sign up your children at maths-poa-tuition,
its the best and fastest way to help your children score high marks without the stress.

MRT & Bus Routes Guide available here

how to come to Score A!!  Maths POA Tuition.

Call now .. And see   Grade A Distinction
   on your Exam Results Slip !!


All students can Score Grade-A. All students can score Distinction Grade. All students can be happy with their Maths Math POA Account Accounts Sec 1 Sec 2 sec 3 Sec 4 GCE "O" Level "N" level IGCSE Diploma SIM UOL UOL-POA Degree MBA. Join Score A Maths POA Tuition today and start see Grade-A and Distinction Grade on your Exam papers !!

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